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How to control her husband

If you want to control the behavior of his own wife, then do not try to explicitly control them. When a man will clear your motives, it will start to try to get rid of the tenacious bonds of your control, to be free. So, act wisely.

How to control her husband

Instruction how to control her husband

Step 1:

Show your husband, your love for him. Open display of your feelings (love, affection, care and tenderness) will work better than any pressure. Each of us still live a child in need of a warm regard. When you need something from your spouse, you can temporarily do not show their feelings, and he goes on about you. Such is the nature of man, he is more ready for love.

Step 2:

Let your husband be the way it really is. Do not try to alter its character or teach new habits. Give him to feel free in a relationship. The more you can allow the husband of different things that he wants to do or not to do so affectionate and submissive towards you, he will. This will be his gratitude to you for the fact that you love him for who he is.

Step 3:

Encourage male ego. Give the spouse feel that he is in the family - the main. For men, it is important to nurture a sense of self-importance so. Ask him for advice and respect his opinion. Especially effective is to do it in public.

Step 4:

Be diplomacy, asking a favor of her husband. Treat him with a smile, keeping a calm tone in his voice and goodwill. Avoid demanding tone. Of course, it is not necessary to use means such as tantrums and scandals, it is only take away from your spouse.

Step 5:

Keep sex at its best. With become more passionate over time. Always make sure that the way you look, and what clothes to wear. Try to always be on top, as well as on that day when you met. Do not let sexual routine settle in your marital bed. Do not punish her husband's refusal to sex. Always be gentle with him, keep his interest in erotic relations, stoke the flames of passion in your marital bed.