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How to convince a man

Most of the men are trying to be leaders, especially in the relationship with his girlfriend. And in order to convince a partner in something, you can not act through. To persuade her husband, or a young man, it is necessary to apply a small women's tricks.

How to convince a man

Instruction how to convince a man

Step 1:

Do not try to impose his own opinion to the man. If he is not henpecked, even thought being consonant with you, will do everything in its own way. It would be best to approach your partner with a question that implies a choice. For example, ask: "Honey, what do you think it would be better to nail the cornice nails or screws to fasten?". When the decision is entrusted to man's shoulders, he feels it necessary, responsible. And in trying to please everyone loved.

Step 2:

Proceed flattery. Even the crudest. Men have no doubt of his superiority and would not take it wrong. Say what he's smart, honest, strong. As good at it all turns out. How important to you his opinion, and as you listen to it. Placate the second half, again with the help of questions that imply choice, leading him to turn into an inference.

Step 3:

Find a partner companions among friends. To convince them of something, you get in their face strong support. Together stubborn process will be much easier. Comrades will be able to find such arguments that you could not even come to mind.

Step 4:

The opinion of the parents, especially the mother, is for men is very important, if not decisive. Try to make friends-in-law, with her in making the decision to you. A favorite son, it will inspire the right thoughts already own, without your help.

Step 5:

Do not try to convince the man, when he is tired, hungry or angry at someone. Please bring him in good spirits. A better wait until the next day and only after serious discussion of the plant.

Step 6:

Do not insist on making a decision immediately. Let the man said ponder, ponder, weigh the pros and cons. After a day or two, if the partner did not come back to the conversation, remind him that should be taken any decision.