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How to create a happy family

Computer games, social networks - all alienate family members from each other. I wish that children and adults often talked and shared their thoughts and understand each other.

How to create a happy family

Instruction how to create a happy family

Step 1:

Try to understand the simple pleasures of their children. For example, go along to everyone in the cinema, a museum, but even just to walk together in the street. Check your daily routine enough time to give it the time necessary time. During the joint campaign, you'll learn a lot about their children, will be able to better understand them and share their thoughts.

a movie with the kids

Step 2:

Involve your children in the daily affairs. Do not live in parallel streams. Create a family home with the children, so they are also making contribution to family life. What is the family's happiness? This is when all family members live in comfort and understand each other perfectly.

daily affairs

Step 3:

For breakfast, lunch and dinner, do not sit as a snulaya fish, maintain and develop the conversation. Friendship in the family based on positive communication with each other. And secondly, with frequent communication can notice deviant moments of your child's development. Try to communicate not unilaterally, namely to create not a monologue but a dialogue with the child.

friendly lunch with the kids

Step 4:

Big happy family - is the key to happiness for you and your children. Participate in their school life, attend sporting events together with them. There is a good practice as a family event. Competition raises the spirit of the family, creates a strong bond between the members. Joint sessions with the child reduce stress, as well as relieve psychological tension.

Step 5:

Strong family - is the lack of secrets. In the family, each member has a right to talk about their thoughts and share them, and best of all, wait for a response from the other. Support and protection of each other - one of the foundations of the family.

A strong family