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How to create the perfect family

To create an ideal family, one love is not enough - it is a building, the construction of which both partners are involved, which require a lot of patience and a desire to hear and understand each other. Both husband and wife must be aware of their responsibilities, especially after the family will have children.

How to create the perfect family

Instruction how to create the perfect family

Step 1:

Family Ties - voluntary union. Efforts should be made to ensure that the Union will not become a heavy burden for you. Build your relationship on mutual trust and learn to find compromises. Do not put each other in advance of unrealistic conditions, do not make out every detail of the tragedy, highlight and most importantly - your love, trust, desire to be together.

Step 2:

Separate your duties, were not counted, which one of you has made a great contribution to the welfare of the family or parenting. You must understand what you are doing one common cause, and your family, your home, your kids - it's your total credit. You are not only lovers - you will companions who are always ready to help each other.

Step 3:

Leave yourself and your spouse's personal space, let us the opportunity to be alone. There is nothing wrong, and it does not indicate a cooling feeling. The desire to be alone or to spend time with a close friend, a friend is inherent to many people, it is not necessary to restrict them in this.

Step 4:

Do not deprive children of pleasure to be with you - take them in their lives - they dedicate their free time, take it with you on trips, on vacation. This hanging literally cements family. During a joint holiday for you and your children will be nice and helpful to fulfill the traditional role that parents play in the lives and education of children. Each trip - a source of memories and the most vivid impressions. Do not deprive yourself of pleasure.

Step 5:

Do not draw parents to the family problems, and do not let them make decisions for you. Both of you - grown men, it is able to take responsibility and provide for themselves independently. Just the two of you need to solve all the issues that relate to your family.

Step 6:

Talk to each other, to express their grievances, explains. Learn to listen to each other, to respond to the words and try to take into account the wishes of her husband. Do not hoard claims and grievances, do not be silent, and do not blow - to explain, coming to an understanding and a common decision.

Step 7:

The ideal family - daily creative work of two loving people. This is a complex and painstaking work, but its result is a quiet, friendly, full of love and trust atmosphere in your home, confidence in each other and in their future.