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How to cure relationship

All people tend to find your soul mate. Once this happens, when the time young people can legalize their relationship or stay and live a civil marriage. But in both cases, life will be different from what it was before marriage and came after him. Often in a relationship between a man and a woman come cases when unbearable to live with each other, then it is necessary to take measures in time to avoid the destruction of relationships.

How to cure relationship

Instruction how to cure relationship

Step 1:

If you have recently got married and feel that you can not bear each other's characters, then you should contact the partner directly, and to find a compromise both. After the wedding, it often happens that the relationship is not so beautiful and durable, which were before marriage. You are now an independent unit of society, which must fulfill family responsibilities. Someone in the house need to wash, clean, iron, to maintain comfort, etc. If all this is the only take the wife and husband will go about their hobbies and interests, the scandal is inevitable. The family should be equitable sharing of responsibilities. Someone cooks, cleans the house, washes, and other shops, strokes, takes out the garbage. If the conversation between husband and wife will be productive, then the quarrel at the household level can be avoided.

Step 2:

If you have the family all well, you consistently work and earn money, her husband is also a successful employee, and conflicts among you not, monotony and ordinariness, you may be satiated. No former interest in each other, all the same thing every day. Then the cure ratio is possible by means of bringing some diversity of your life. For example, a romantic evening with aromatic candles, to cook your favorite dishes, or order them in a restaurant in the house, dressed in elegant suits. Remember how you were good together. Then you can do each other a massage or go on an interesting show, where you can plenty to shout songs of your favorite performers and dance.

Step 3:

If your family came first born, and you have become not understand each other, it is necessary to talk heart to heart and find out who is right and who is wrong. After all, with the advent of the baby the couple can move away from each other, constant crying and lack of sleep are felt. My husband needed to work every day, and the wife of one handle and at home, and with the baby. The wife seems that only she can take care of the child, and the husband thinks he is now broke. My wife found the replacement for him as a kid. Husband and wife should understand that they now live for your child. His father, too, should be involved in the upbringing of the kid and wife need to understand how the wife much as possible, because in addition to his sleepless nights coming and working life. But you need to rest your wife, a spouse may in its output to go for a walk with the baby, so his wife could not long nap.