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How to deal with pregnant wife

Nine months pregnant woman - this is a special period, not only for her but also for her loved ones. Time is a happy, happy, everything is ready for a baby born. But there are at this time and trouble, stress and health problems of pregnant. The husband should maintain and take care of his wife, to be gentle and affectionate.

How to deal with pregnant wife

Instruction how to deal with pregnant wife

Step 1:

Your wife is now responsible for two lives, you have to be for her reliable support and helper in any business. Take part of the duties of the woman he loved at home. Do not let your wife wear severity, because it threatens abortion. Purchase products on their list, which will give you a wife.

Step 2:

Late pregnancy especially dangerous. You will have to wash the floors and do hanging wet clothes. Talk to your doctor, who watches your wife, ask what it is allowed and encouraged to, and that is strictly forbidden. Make sure that as a pregnant obey the instructions of doctors, because a woman in connection instability of mood in these months can be capricious and refuse to look after their health.

Step 3:

Girl "in position" is particularly sensitive to everything beautiful and romantic. Give her flowers every day, buy the cute trinkets. Arrange joint evenings with a healthy wholesome food, fresh air and watching a new movie on the comfortable sofa.

Step 4:

Some women in this period are dissatisfied with excessive care, while others complain about the lack of attention. In this matter, guided by his wife, a single recommendation can not be given. The mood of the pregnant woman several times per minute may vary.

Step 5:

Pay attention to the unborn child. More often put his hand on his wife's bulging tummy and say something affectionate child. Doctors have long proved that the baby can hear his voice and feel the touch of his father. Gene will be incredibly nice to your attention and care about her and your child.

Step 6:

Raduyte wife compliments, because pregnant women do not feel very confident and wary opponents. Do not stay at work and do not give any cause for jealousy. Hormonal changes in women can lead to severe depression and stress, if it is suspected treachery and betrayal from your side.

Step 7:

Sex with a pregnant wife will only benefit if there are no special instructions from your doctor. The woman will feel much more confident if you keep the rhythm of sexual life and not get tired whisper beloved, how beautiful and desirable.

Step 8:

Do not give in to provocations and hysteria wife, do not get angry. It is better to calmly and affectionately develop all her fears and concerns. Be logical and reasonable, talk to his wife with confidence and do not raise the tone.

Step 9:

Is Crying or laughing hysterically favorite, hug anyway her gently and tell me how you love her. If you wake up during the night the wife and ask to bring a cake with smoked fish or pineapple with pickles, run to the store and buy just in case, strawberries and grilled chicken.