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How to decorate a romantic dinner

If you have planned a romantic dinner at home, then this event is necessary to give a special gloss, make the necessary accents. You can stay in a cozy kitchen, or spend the evening in the living room, balcony or terrace. And the use of little tricks in decorating the table and the interior of the room will help you to create a romantic mood and have a great evening.

How to decorate a romantic dinner

Instruction how to decorate a romantic dinner

Step 1:

The undeniable advantage is the full readiness of the festive table and home before the arrival of welcome guest (guest). So try to do everything at the appointed time. Special mood romantic dinner will give even the most minor details.

Step 2:

Make a path from the front door to the festive table of rose petals. This method instantly create the appropriate mood.

Step 3:

The white tablecloth on the table, of course, will give the event a festive look. White symbolizes the color of love, is the color of purity and innocence, a symbol of lofty sentiments. Even on the coffee table a white tablecloth will not look ridiculous, if the base of her broad tie a beautiful ribbon and decorate the hearts and bow.

Step 4:

If you do not know how to cook, it is better to give preference to order dinner and not to feed the guest (guests) are not fried steak.

Step 5:

On the table must be colors, irrespective of whether a guest will not bunch or lady. When choosing a bouquet, consider the size of the table. Large bouquet on a small table would detract from the communication and dinner. It is better to give preference to small bunches of sweet.

Step 6:

A white candle (in the color of the tablecloth) in a special glass glass will have to intimate setting, to bring together a warm and soothing fire, will help you find the right words. Put it in the center of the table.

Step 7:

If a man receives a guest, but this evening, it is desirable to make it a gift. This can be a bracelet or a ring. Bracelet in a box can be put next to the cutlery ladies, and in the case of a ringlet - it is possible to pass through the tissue and also to put next to the cutlery ladies.

Step 8:

In such an evening on the table will be relevant small figures Amurchik. two little valentines can also put next to the cutlery. Particularly pleasant for the guest (guests) are cards made with their own hands and touching inscription "Only for you" or "Love".