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How to deny the relatives

Even the most beloved relatives can be annoying in some areas. By their conduct, they sometimes put in an awkward position: do not want to be harsh, but the moment when you decide it in anything to deny. How to do it?

How to deny the relatives

Instruction how to deny the relatives

Step 1:

Call relatives frank conversation. Get the best possible courtesy and tact. Not worth venturing conflict first. Very calmly explain to them the reasons for their refusal. Consider the arguments in advance. Do not forget that in front of you dear people. Even if, for some reason, love for them does not feel. Show your accommodating the desire to find a compromise. Only in this way does not take positions. To begin "the war" you always have time, but it will not solve the problem, and certainly create new ones. Did you correctly understand and no longer impose any inconvenient circumstances. The main thing, think about what is more important for you: simply deny something or another, and save the world at the same time.

Step 2:

If the attempt peace negotiations did not appreciate, then you need to show determination and hard to tell "no". For example, when the family begs for a visit, and you know their habit to stay long. Here the choice is limited: either you find the strength to "bang his fist on the table"Or have patience and, forgetting the usual life, waiting for their departure. Although you can simply write that to be an urgent business trip. But this way - a bad way out. Have any of who you can spill the beans that you do not want to trip. Then we'll blush due to fraud.

Step 3:

When aggravation of relations for a long time, you can refuse and by phone. Firstly, such an act will reduce the embarrassment. Second, facilitate the debate - not seeing the interlocutor, it is easier to remain calm. In addition, the mutual coldness, such behavior should not surprise anybody. Think may have been cases where native also not the best way to react to you. Forgotten emotions can help restore a sense of injustice, and the right words will come by themselves. Just not stir up all the old grievances, otherwise instead of a polite refusal, you can tell a lot of superfluous and make enemies.