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How to determine whether a man is married or unmarried

Before you meet, make an appointment and to tie future relations, the girl wants to know whether the male partner.

How to determine whether a man is married or unmarried Signs of women

Have a wedding ring.

Trite, but nevertheless a fact which suggests that the man is busy. Wherever it is found: on the finger in the glove compartment of the car, in your pocket - it is, and therefore, there is a wife.


If the man is hiding something, then there is from someone. If he lives alone, then this is not necessary, all the money belonged to him. And in the moment with the nest egg found at least 4 reasons: firstly, the need to hide more, and secondly, better, and thirdly, this alone possess, and fourthly, to spend on their own needs. 

The presence of the abdomen.

One of the signs of family life - regular dinners dense, the result of which is excess weight.


It can only be explained in one sentence - "well-fed and contented cat." He do not need anybody, he was so bad. No searching gaze, a spark in her eyes. If a man sees the next table in the café / restaurant, attractive girl, he may have and look at her, but it is unlikely that the suit ( "I would have met you, babe, but very much did not want to get up from the table ...") .

8 March - a "black day".

Before each Women's Day as a crazy man rushes to the shops to find the right gift.

Women's accessories on the shelf in the bathroom.

Sure sign she moved in with him. This is indicated by things like a toothbrush, underwear, chain, cosmetics, perfumes. These unusual ways girls "learn territory."

Odor in the house.

The smell of freshly cooked food, flavor agents to kill odor - all the result of women's life. After all, when it was not, and does not smell.

Signs of lack of women

Lunch or dinner at the cafe / restaurant.

And where else? Himself cook something long and hard, the other girls, too inconvenient to call. It remains 2 outputs: the first - to prepare dinner yourself, what often have neither the time nor the will, or eat in a restaurant. Second, no doubt - much easier and more enjoyable.

An empty refrigerator.

The main symptom of a lonely life. But, nevertheless, it should be based on anything. As a rule, this is what will require a minimum of time to prepare - dumplings, canned food, sausage, beer.

Slightly rumpled shirt.

That is, it does neglazhenaya. But, according to the men under his jacket it is still not visible. Savvy women say that men do not learn how to iron ever.

Mountain of dirty dishes.

That's really not a bad things to do than wash the dishes! Besides making it virtually useless, since all the clean dishes gets dirty in a matter of seconds. There is a great recipe: only use a couple of plates and a mug. However, on the basis of a man identified as a bachelor.


Joint viewing naked bodies - this is for advanced and open-ended steam. And they can count on the fingers. So - a few ladies in the magazine, or one in bed. The choice is a man.

Mess in the apartment.

Since ancient times, the main duty of women was to look after the comfort, and men - to produce food. Like progress - we received. Today, women themselves may produce their own food. And men are left to clean up in his bachelor apartment.