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How to determine whether the husband's mistress

Changes in the relationship between husband and wife will never go unnoticed - the woman always attentive to notice the small details, which may be evidence of infidelity wife. Talk heart to heart is better to postpone until later, but now take a look at her husband.

How to determine whether the husband's mistress

Instruction how to determine whether the mistress of her husband

Step 1:

Note Do not start the husband to pay great attention to their appearance. Previously, the selection of suits, things for the faithful engaged in the acquisition only you, the sudden interest in fashion trends and self-purchase of new clothes must be alerted. In an effort to please another woman, a man begins to carefully monitor the state of his clothes, reconsider your wardrobe, change hairstyle, etc.

Step 2:

Note the lack of sex or behavior change in bed. The ratio of men to his adultery may be twofold - or he feels remorse, and he do not care for the feelings of his wife. Indifferent man simply stops intimate relations with his wife, as his sex needs are met another woman. The second option - the wrong husband seeks to make amends and behaves with his wife too gently, gently and carefully. In both cases, there is an occasion to reflect on the reasons for changing the behavior of her husband.

Step 3:

Examine it to you attitude. The husband begins to cheat, irritated by little things, provoking his wife to the scandals - because he needed so 'noble' excuse to leave the house, slamming the door in their hearts. Constant dissatisfaction that and how does the spouse, his rejection of her problems and feelings not just talking about human callousness - he was already not interested in this woman and wish to spend time caring for her.

Step 4:

Change of working hours - the delay in the office, working on weekends and holidays, regular and frequent business trips: dishonest husbands are trying to justify the fact that a lot of work for the good of the family. They have also included frequent meetings with friends, a sudden rush jobs and other situations that justify his frequent absences.

Step 5:

If the husband was to retire with a telephone in the bathroom or the toilet, often going out to the balcony or porch, talking on the mobile phone, it is almost guaranteed to be evidence in favor of the novel on the side. He put a lock on the telephone, he often calls the same friend "male" sex, appeared moody "client" - the husband will present the situation as it will be more convenient.