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How to determine whether we are right for each other

Build a family can be with any person, the difference depends on the amount of effort. However, to create a pair with the first counter is still not worth it, because it will have a lifetime to adjust for themselves or try to alter. Most of these attempts ended in complete failure. There are people that are more appropriate for a serious relationship, while others will always live my life.

How to determine whether we are right for each other

Instruction how to determine whether we are right for each other

Step 1:

Knowing the temperament of your partner, you can predetermine the likely fate of such a union. Phlegmatic is calm and balanced people who are not involved in quarrels, sometimes it seems that these people are completely absent feelings, because they are indifferent to everything.

Step 2:

Choleric the more energetic, but quickly lose interest in everything, they have noted a distinct lack of patience. Melancholic vulnerable and impressionable, insult experiencing painful conflicts do not go under any circumstances. Sanguine lively, energetic, but at the same time calm, often neglect the opinion of others, the failures do not pay attention.

Step 3:

If, then living together will be a long and stable family, both partners are phlegmatic. Such pairs diverge rare, although they can avoid long conversations with each other. Partners should avoid innuendo and secrets in a relationship, as this may affect the mutual trust.

Step 4:

A pair consisting of a phlegmatic and choleric, phlegmatic or else of sanguine and has a tendency to frequent conflicts due to the fact that the partner-phlegmatic can show their feelings quite clearly and emotionally.

Step 5:

When the family consists of two choleric, should take seriously each other, because they do not manage to avoid the frequent conflicts. Both sanguine easily relate to the whole, but at the same time, these relations lead to treachery and deceit. Choleric and melancholic, sanguine, or the melancholic and often will find a quarrel, the more melancholic that always offended because of some little things and take close to the heart of all the problems.

Step 6:

Sometimes people are very similar to each other, they feel amazing understanding from the first minute dating. They are the same tastes, behavior and views on many issues. But when they are together, all the advantages and disadvantages appear brighter than doubled. Despite this, they understand the motives of actions of each other, but can not indicate the sources of error, they just do not see them, and what are the difficulties of relationships.