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How to distinguish love from sympathy

Often, people meet each other for the past some time, doubt which of the senses causes them to be together: love or sympathy. And how to distinguish one from the other?

How to distinguish love from sympathy

Instruction how to distinguish love from sympathy

Step 1:

Think about whether you want this person to only the very best, even despite the fact that he may not apply to you with the same warmth. Perhaps this is one of the signs of love. But it is also a sign and sympathy.

Step 2:

Continue Do you feel the same light for the man attitude, if he prefers another partner to you, and you reject, without even leaving hope for the opportunity to be with him. If the answer is affirmative, then it can also be considered one of the signs of feeling which people call love.

Step 3:

Freezing Does your heart from the fact that this person looks at you, smiles at you. Do you feel yourself at the same time on the "seventh heaven". If "yes", it is likely that you love. If the answer is no - apparently it only sympathy, although strong.

Step 4:

If you have a positive answer for themselves the question of whether they are ready to do anything just to know that the person about whom you are dreaming, alive and well and happy (even for huge number of kilometers away from you), you can confidently say that this is one of the signs of love.

Step 5:

Are you with the person that is dear to you, to live a long life together, to share together the hardships and joy in half, give all of myself, all the power to make the life of this man very happy. And it does not require anything in return. If "yes", then congratulate yourself - you love. Sympathy is not so overpowering and strong feeling, compared with love.

Step 6:

Do you wonder with him, no matter what the circumstances, it would be desirable if you will be with him always, all my life. An affirmative answer brings you closer to the answer that experienced the feeling - love.

Step 7:

Attracted Are you this person, as a person and a representative of the opposite sex at the same time. If it is so, it is likely that this is love.

Step 8:

Do you wish with all my heart to have common children with a man who thinks about solving the question of sympathy or love you feel for him. And happily there you will find in the general features of the children of this man, enjoying and experiencing this feeling of tenderness and pride. If you are sure that it will be so - perhaps you love.

Step 9:

If you are no longer interested in sex objects like all other members of the opposite sex, becoming a "neuter beings", then perhaps we can already speak not of sympathy and love.