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How to diversify the way of life

Everyday life can become boring and cause depression in their monotony. life "eats" man, every other day is similar to the previous one. It seems that the fate of such a success: a job, a house, a loved one ... but routine delays and happiness somewhere to go. But life will become a lot more fun, simply diversify your life.

How to diversify the way of life

Instruction how to spice of life

Step 1:

Do not try to do all things at once. Many people usually think: Now you must do as much as possible, but then the long-awaited vacation. This view does not correspond to reality. At first, "downloading" yourself, you run the risk of being tired so that life does seem gray and bleak. Secondly, in the home of a cloudless hanging almost never happens: milk "will flee" on the stove - it is necessary to wash the baby came from a walk to get dirty - it will bathe and wash things, trodden dog dirty paws - have to clean up, etc. Only you alone - my own boss and having a family, have to constantly turn as "protein wheel".

Step 2:

Make household chores in the small pleasures - a kind of encouragement for the statement. For example, you get up early in the morning and have already managed to make breakfast, feed the family, do the dishes and go to work or is not the time, or do not need - then relax a little bit. Do something nice just for you: read for an hour, check your favorite TV series, take a walk in the fresh air, etc. When will be cleaning, it is possible to actively carry out the music. Sometimes music brings so much positive that even fatigue is not felt.

Step 3:

Do housework the whole family, at least occasionally. If done right, this seemingly easy task becomes fast and easy. The main thing is no one to nothing forced, but just ask for help. So eventually we all will home their duties. For example, children who have not reached adolescence, usually happy to help adults - for them it is an interesting exercise. This means that they are perfectly cope with picking up toys or take part in setting the table for dinner. Adults same household may podsobit you vacuumed, wiped dust or go to the grocery store. And do not forget all the praise - family need to know that they have - the best. So you and the life of diversity and spend time together, which is very important for a strong, close-knit family.