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How to file for divorce if her husband does not want to

Dissolution of a marriage without the husband's consent is only possible through the courts. And if you do not have children together, it makes it easier to deal with. In case, if you have children together, the divorce procedure unilaterally somewhat complicated.

How to file for divorce if her husband does not want to

Instruction how to file for divorce if her husband does not want to

Step 1:

Consult an attorney, so he helped you, at least from a legal point of view correctly make a claim. If necessary, immediately post and claim for division of property. Be sure to raise the issue of child support and that the children will live with someone.

Step 2:

Pay a state fee that your application has been accepted for review. The fee in this case is 1, the minimum wage.

Step 3:

A month after filing a claim held court hearing. It will notify you of, by sending by mail the agenda. At the meeting you will be asked about what was the cause of the disorder in the family and who is wrong, is there any way of reconciliation. Based on your answers, the court will make a decision on divorce or providing time for reflection.

Step 4:

If you also sue the establishment of maintenance obligations and division of property, and are considered to be those issues. Although the agreement on the division of property and the establishment of child support, you can make yourself. Then the court will approve them if they would not prejudice the interests of one party, leaving unchanged or by making the amendments to which you will be notified.

Step 5:

To size was set alimony, the court need to submit an income statement of one of the spouses who will have to assume these obligations. If you are, for example, on maternity leave or during the marriage did not work, leading the household, at the meeting can be understood and the question of alimony to your own content.

Step 6:

When the court will consider the case, it will be decided - to terminate the marriage, deny the claims or delay the trial and appoint a time for reconciliation of the spouses.

Step 7:

An hour after the end of the hearing, the court will familiarize you with your decision. If the marriage has been decided to terminate, after the decision enters into force - in ten days - the court will send the decision to the bodies of the registry office. At its base will prepare and will give you a certificate of divorce. If the court decision you do not agree, within ten days mentioned you can file a claim for its removal and the re-examination of your case.

Step 8:

To get the divorce papers to the registrar, provide the court decision, as well as his passport. Each of the former spouses is already receive its certificate of divorce or the place of residence or the place of registration of marriage.