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How to find a common language with his wife

Family life is not so simple and cloudless seems to love being in candy buketny period. After living together a year or two, people sometimes leave. The parties often do not realize that was the reason, and, of course, blame each other. But to avoid the sad completion is not too difficult.

How to find a common language with his wife

Instruction how to find a common language with his wife

Step 1:

Be patient. If you have firmly decided to link their fate with the girl, the whole life together have to remember that it is the man, the love that you want to save the heart, going through arguments, resentment, recriminations and lack of understanding. Only in this way over the years, you can understand that feeling did not go anywhere, they just become calm, warm and homely. Unfortunately, many couples do not pass the test of time. And the cause is the lack of such qualities as patience. Often, such a trait of character is not just for men. When the accumulated claims to his wife, did not raise a stink. And ask her to talk peacefully to discuss your common problems and try to find a compromise in all matters.

Step 2:

If life is not going well with my wife, do not seek solace on the side. Many men create the illusion of happiness, torn between his family and his mistress. But for those who are serious about family problems, this situation does not bring joy. Conversely, sooner or later it becomes necessary to leave one of the women. And it often happens that you do not want to throw the second half. It guarantees that a new marriage will reign perfect harmony, no. Indeed, it will also start during lapping, and it is possible that understanding will disappear. So, no need to rush to change the wife, it is necessary to correct its own view of the relationship.

Step 3:

Find the approach to its second half. Understand that sometimes irritable and discontent caused by the couple of elementary fatigue. After all the household chores - is not romantic encounters. Woman creates comfort in the home, cares about you, which is a great difficulty. And, of course, if you show a desire to help her in anything, it will show the most love. You may need to steel himself, to overcome their own laziness, but believe me, the family fortune worth it.

Step 4:

Go to the concessions. When a quarrel arose from some little things, sometimes important only for women, show generosity. Remember that you are the representative of a strong half of humanity, and succumb. The sad result of a divorce, should have the right to exist only as a last resort, if you have finally come to the conclusion that his wife - already unpopular stranger to you people.