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How to get rid of the annoying fan

You change your phone, at the risk of losing half of female friends, but he is your new number through the remaining half; you are new cuts and color, but that he likes you more. It haunts you, as karma, and it seems there is no way to hide from it. He - annoying fan imagines the meaning of your life is your conquest. Do not worry. Ward off this mountain-lover can be. The main thing - a scientific approach.

How to get rid of the annoying fan

Instruction how to get rid of the annoying fan

Step 1:

Never go to any compromises. Annoying fan, having even a tiny concession to its requirements, by all means, "dodavit" you forced to settle for something bigger. Even if it is not so, any concession to any person is always regarded as an advance.

Step 2:

Do not repeat the lazy young man that you do not need. They say the water wears away the stone. Do not keep it in the illusion that his advances may one day break down your resistance.

Step 3:

"I'm embedding in a wall (shall open a vein, thrown out of a window 15 floors, etc.), if you do not mine!" - That's blackmail. Probably the oldest of its forms. Do not give in. All those unfortunate lovers who used this method gains the favorite, but all were rejected by the same, still alive and well. But leave attempts to intimidate you, do not guiltless. Be sure to let us know what "suicide" whatever you think of his methods you like. Do not be afraid, the survival instinct is much stronger than hormones.

Step 4:

Not privechali guilt. Neither you yourself, nor your short skirt and bright make-up, do not blame that guy take place obsessions. No responsibility for other people's emotions, you do not carry.

Step 5:

No gifts can not take. Probably, this option would cost attributed to the point of concessions. Taking a gift from a fan, you (are psychological realities) giving him to understand that they are ready to accept his advances.

Step 6:

Do not use an unrequited love for a walk with your dog, help to drag heavy bags and the like. Of course, the temptation is huge, but it is likely that at some point you just can not do without this lovely and always ready to come to your aid guy.

Step 7:

Finally, the heavy artillery. Do everything in love Demonstrate well-being in their personal lives. It is not often you can meet a young (and not so) man able to continue to care for the girl, which has already given her heart to another.