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How to hide a gift

On the eve of New Year and Christmas many parents not only tormented by the question of what to buy to the child as a gift from Santa Claus, but where to put the precious gift, the child found it under the Christmas tree at the right time.

How to hide a gift Blind apartment space

Particularly acute, this question takes in a small apartment where the child is known every corner. However, hide a gift is not so difficult - almost enough to put it in a prominent place, like a child will not notice it. After all, children are not looking in the obvious places, suggesting that parents hid a souvenir in the depths of cabinets, tables and so on.

Perhaps, in every house there is a box from under the shoe, possibly even a little dust. It will be a godsend. Put the gift back and forget about it until 31 December. A child is unlikely to be to explore this part of your wardrobe.

If the gift is not spoiled by the cold, it can be left on the balcony or loggia - children, most likely, it will not look.

Leave a gift at work or neighbors - there is certainly your child will not look. Just do not forget to pick up in order not to have to go back for him.

Before the holiday is not just put a gift under the Christmas tree, and manifest imagination. For example, think of a fascinating route with tips on which it will be necessary to pass the baby to get what you want. And most importantly - do not forget the obvious to do unusual. After all, life is full of amazing and unique moments.