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How to keep love in the long-term relationship

Long-term relationship people show affection to each other and comfortable coexistence within the same apartment. But they are not necessarily an indicator of true love, because to maintain it is not so easy for many years.

How to keep love in the long-term relationship

Instruction how to keep the love in the long-term relationship

Step 1:

Surprise each other. To maintain feelings in a relationship partners should always change, surprising each other and with the opening of a new party. As long as you are able to change, you are able to save your love. Surprise partner new hairstyle, clothing style, choice of location for a weekend.

Step 2:

Keep personal space. Do not strive for merging with a loved one, always be yourself. This means their interests, hobbies, classes and friends. As soon as you stop doing anything, apart from your relationship, love will begin to fade.

Step 3:

Take care of a loved one. Lusk, tenderness, care and their manifestations - a basis of a romantic relationship. Be interested in his problems, separate the success, helping to overcome one or another barrier and show that you are always ready to be there.

Step 4:

Discuss the relationship. Love is inconceivable without the dialogue, so do not throw the talk about feelings and relationships in general. Not pushed to talk about everyday problems, complaints and gossip. Distracted from everyday life, opening the heart and soul of your partner.

Step 5:

Me in a sexual relationship. Keeping passion in bed - another challenge for those who do not want to lose your love over the years lived together. Add romance and give new sensations to your loved one.

Step 6:

Try something new together. Joint emotions maintain relations do not provide love fade away. Take snowboarding, dancing or start learning languages ​​- no matter what you choose, as long as activity is of interest to you two.

Step 7:

Do not hold a grudge and anger at a loved one, emotional experiences - one of the facets of the relationship, and it shall not be able to escape. Always show emotions, let them negative. Accumulation of lead in the scandal, which flashes when you yourself that will not wait.