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How to keep love with a man at a distance?

If your young person goes to another country or city, do not cry, and think that it's over between you. Just entering a new point in the relationship that you want to move wisely.

How to keep love with a man at a distance?

Instruction how to keep the love of a man at a distance?

Step 1:

Moving your mate in another city or country, no doubt, is a huge challenge for both of you. This is because it is very difficult to live only memories, constantly playing in your head the most exciting events of your life together. The desire to see their favorite / loved one who is far, hug and tell about your feelings can completely absorb your mind and cause suffering.

Step 2:

In order to somehow reduce the experience and understand how to keep love, visit forums, where the girls have respective problems. They will give you their advice, you will be distracted by talking.

Step 3:

If you have elected to go to another place, and there are likely to have access to the World Wide Web. Let him take a laptop or tablet. Webcams are now built into all models, thanks to it you can see on a daily basis.

Step 4:

Virtual communication in skype in real time will help easier to survive the separation and give joy lonely evenings. Of course, for a long time, it can not last, but in any case, more convenient system for communication at a distance has not yet been invented, and keep love in this way - this is a good option.

Step 5:

Make an appointment next summer or on weekends, save up for a ticket to see him. It will be very nice, and you, of course, also.