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How to learn to be coquettish

Coquetry - one of the many techniques that help a woman attract and subdue the man. It should be understood that the line between flirting and vulgarity is very thin, so it is necessary to examine not only the main women's tricks, but always comply with the measure and monitor their behavior.

How to learn to be coquettish

Instruction how to learn to be coquettish

Step 1:

Be natural and calm. Affectedness obvious falsehood that slides in every movement of women, could alienate a man and even to make him disgusted. It does not seem too arrogant and haughty as the stronger sex often do not like. Use your natural charm to win the heart of a man.

Step 2:

Practiced facial expressions, gestures and postures before a mirror. Decide what style of behavior is best suited to you. Look for their strengths and learn to emphasize them. If you have beautiful lips, and even white teeth, smile more often. Owners of the chest is perfect to call attention to it. For example, it is possible to correct a necklace or occasionally spend a hand on the neck.

Step 3:

Do not flirt with every man, which will see. Even if you just want to practice, not to draw attention to his secret lover, flirt with just one guy. Otherwise, you come across as frivolous girl.

Step 4:

To attract the attention of men, throw him a quick glance, gives him a slight smile. Do not be discouraged if it does not come to you right away or did not dare to speak with you. Maybe your partner is not interested in flirting or just could not understand your signals.

Step 5:

See the man in the eye, smiling slightly. Your smile should be natural, not forced. From time to time, as if by chance to touch the fingers of your face, lips, straightens her hair. Often in such cases, men also want to touch your skin and hair flirted with them girls.

Step 6:

If the man said to you, continue to flirt. Listen carefully to everything the other person says, showcase your interest. Keep track of his movements, and from time to time otzerkalivayte posture and gestures. Even if the man did not notice it, his subconscious will tell him the meaning of your actions.