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How to make the guy look

It happens that the warm relationship between a woman a man does not grow into something more. Lady waiting for a step towards convergence will make her boyfriend, but he does not hurry. As unobtrusively give a man to understand that the time has come to appoint a date?

How to make the guy look

Instruction how to make a guy look

Step 1:

Be active in communication. Perhaps, between you there is a certain distance, reduce it by all available means. Get to know his friends, log in to his company on the Rights of the good friend.

Step 2:

Flirt! Flirt - legal ladies' arms, and otherwise he will understand that it is not indifferent to you? Try to be with him at the festival and parties, though it would be easy to you. Try to overcome the embarrassment, behave naturally.

Step 3:

Learn all about their interests and try to join them. His passion - cars? It is not necessary to study the structure of the machine, but to differentiate their brand does not even hurt. At least, you will always have something to talk about besides the weather.

Step 4:

Enlist the support of friends in common. Can you honestly say that scary want to go out with him, but my bad luck, he hesitates to invite you. Friends necessarily chatted to him about your likes. Sometimes, such a maneuver is enough to spin the affair.

Step 5:

Tell him that long ago came to the movies with his girlfriend, but she fell ill, will not be able to go. A movie so cool! The heart of even the most severe men shall tremble, not to leave the bewildered girl without a favorite movie. Next to the theater there is a cafe - is not the place for a first date?

Step 6:

Make him a symbolic gift with a hint. Necklace with pink heart and the words "I am looking for a soul mate," express your intentions better than any words. If you are confused by such a sentimental tribute, write for it ironic poem, where it appears as a cruel prince, not noticing the beauty that comes from the lack of attention will soon turn into a frog.

Step 7:

Allow yourself to be a desirable and attractive, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Hints have not worked? Take the first step by recognizing that want to be more than just a friend, but my girlfriend. He did not resist.