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How to master the art of seduction

Flirt - ancient art of seduction, which in varying degrees, each woman has. But no limit to perfection, and the girls are constantly hone their ability to attract the opposite sex by using sight, a beautiful speech and external data.

How to master the art of seduction

Instruction how to master the art of seduction

Step 1:

In order to attract male attention, enough to start elementary keep track of how you look. Clean hair is a good manicure, cleverly superimposed makeup, beautiful legs - all this will help you radiate sexual fluids and does not require much effort. Most often, men pay attention to the legs, chest and arms, so do some work hard to make them look decent.

Step 2:

Even the most beautiful girl there will be no more or less standing cavalier, if we are illiterate and full of profanity. Develop your speech with the help of classical literature, to notice the interesting words and phrases. If you are unsure of the appropriateness of a sentence, it is better do not say it at all, so you will create the effect of mystery.

Step 3:

You must master the art of subtle and delicate use of gestures. Everyone knows that the ability to walk "from the hip" attracts the attention of a potential partner, and if the girl straightens her hair with both hands, the man can freely enjoy the elegance of her figure. Behave sincerely, but modestly. Remember that laughing loudly as the woman rather perceive the interlocutor, but no more.

Step 4:

The most difficult thing - to learn meaningfully to look at the object of their desires. Talking with him, smile more often, behave naturally and relaxed. So you presently known potential partner his friendly disposition. To flirt is also true tactile contact. As if accidentally touch it, or correct his tie, and he is sure to appreciate it.

Step 5:

"The woman should be a mystery." Whatever it may sound hackneyed phrase, but it is relevant to this day. Do not immediately tell him everything about yourself, keep track of mystery. Then he will strive to solve your mystery, and only when he does, just depends on when you want it.

Step 6:

Psychologists are highly recommended as a strategy of rapprochement with anyone use the technique of repetition of his gestures. This also applies to men, so if you are sure that it is configured for a serious relationship, use this technique.