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How to meet the husband of the Army

The meeting of a loved one who returns from the army, involves trouble, but they are happy and not at all cumbersome. Usually holiday organizes all relatives, gathering all its members for the hospitable table. But, of course, the young husband tends to quickly see and squeeze in the arms of his beloved wife.

How to meet the husband of the Army

Instruction how to meet her husband from the army

Step 1:

You have to help parents clean the house and cook her husband treats for guests. Ask my husband, what dishes he wants to try. After all, food is not the army of diversity, and the soldiers dream of a home kitchen and pickles. Make a menu of only the foods that your husband longs to taste.

Step 2:

Houses must meet its comfort and beauty - all of which he was deprived in the barracks. Uber in the house, bed sheets elegant tablecloth and put on the table the best service. Pay special attention to your husband with room or bedroom. After all, dreams of soldiers not only good food, but even more, he is waiting for his beloved wife affection.

Step 3:

If you think that the relatives will not leave you alone, think about other options from the army husband meeting. Of course, good if you have a separate housing. In this case, you will always be able to steal away from the table with her husband and retire to his apartment.

Step 4:

There are excellent options for couples who have long dreamed of romantic days together. For example, you can rent a separate house at the country club or a holiday home. Thus, a demobilized husband rest in nature and will be able to fully enjoy his wife's arms.

Step 5:

There's no one you can not hurt, and you can go to bed and get up out of bed whenever you want. Typically, these establishments offer and rest in the bath or sauna, gazebo with barbecue and boat trips on the pond. All this will certainly be a pleasure to your husband, who has long lived by a strict statute.

Step 6:

Then you have to meet with mutual friends and walk around the city. Show spouse all the changes that have taken place during his absence. Visit concerts and exhibitions, a new entertainment and exciting activities. Give my husband a balloon flight or a master class in hot forge.

Step 7:

Help the recent soldier to adapt to civilian life. Visit with him a fashionable men's clothing store and update the wardrobe to the spouse feel comfortable and confident when communicating with others.