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How to meet with a man, if he has a child

Life does not fit into the framework of moral codes and traditions that shape public opinion. And often in addition to single mothers began to appear single fathers. There is nothing wrong or bad - it is a reality. However, if you decide to meet with this man, this decision can greatly complicate the life and make it even more interesting than you would like.

How to meet with a man, if he has a child

Instruction how to meet with a man, if he has a child

Step 1:

If the child does not remember his mother, enough to make it a positive impression when meeting. To do this in advance to consult with a man, to find out how you can more psychological portrait of a baby, that is, his character, tastes, preferences, what he likes and what can not stand.

Step 2:

If a child remembers his mother, your task is complicated by an order of magnitude. The worst case - when he, keeping in mind the image of the absent mother, idealizes it over time. The worse he remembers it, the more generously bestows positive qualities. To win such a competition is not possible, in principle, do not even try. Contrasting himself absent mother - known disastrous course.

Step 3:

The most favorable situation - casual acquaintance in a neutral territory. And the best option - in companies where other people are present. There should be considered a clever feature of the child's mind - when a child sees with his father one woman, he compares it to a missing mother. If there are several, in most cases (though not always, of course) son or daughter try on the role of their mother, as any child unconsciously seeks to complete the family. Such competition you are quite capable - involve him in the game, introduce to your child (when present). If the children make friends, count, half the problem is solved.

Step 4:

At first the man did not exert obvious signs of attention at the kid, it is necessary in order not to provoke the jealousy of the child. In children lives a sense of ownership. That, however, does not cancel a kiss on the cheek at the meeting.

Step 5:

Do not seek to immediately impose their love child, especially if it does not exist. Much more important is to win his respect, recognition, and ultimately - the friendship and trust. And this foundation, trust, able to withstand a lot. Maybe now some will think - "well I need it?" In fact, everything depends on the extent to which you need exactly this man. If it is worth it, then go for it!