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How to organize engagement

The number of wedding ceremonies, held in Russia since ancient times, betrothal (collusion) followed matchmaking before betrothal and wedding. It's kind of a preliminary agreement that the young come into marriage. In modern life, the day of application to the registrar is often the day of engagement. Newlyweds sometimes enter into a marriage contract, which would be appropriate to officially sign on this day. On the day of the engagement of young parents negotiate the questions of the future wedding.

How to organize engagement

You will need:

- gold engagement ring with stones; - Bouquets of flowers; - banqueting hall.

Instruction how to organize engagement

Step 1:

Talk to your parents about the upcoming engagement and intention to get married. If matchmaking as such was not, be sure to check prior to engagement with the groom / bride's parents not to present them with an unexpected surprise.

Step 2:

Arrange on the day of application to the authorities of the registrar meeting of the two families wanting to become related to greetings of young new title - the bride and groom. For the engagement ceremony book a table in a restaurant, cafe, etc. Beautiful atmosphere, live music, lighting design will create an unforgettable atmosphere of this prazdnika.Prigotovte bouquets of flowers -. For the bride and her mother. In this ceremony will invite the closest members of the family - parents, brothers and sisters.

Step 3:

Announced their engagement. Ask the bride's future father-in-hand. Having listened to parents' blessing and congratulations on your engagement, invite all those present for the festive table. A bride donate gold engagement ring with stones, it would be good with diamond. It will be transmitted to your family inheritance. Adopted girl an engagement ring indicates its consent to marry you. After the wedding, she will wear it on top of a wedding ring.

Step 4:

Discuss the questions at the banquet table of the wedding day. Agree on the distribution of responsibilities. Consider the questions on the wedding cortege, the venue of the wedding, about the services Toastmaster, placing guests at night, photo and videosmke. On the wedding rings, bouquet, wedding dresses the bride and groom can talk in private conversation. Having discussed the important issues of the upcoming wedding, the young parents exchanged phone numbers and invite each other to visit.

Step 5:

Extend this festive evening, left alone. Congratulate your engagement with the narrowing, gently touching her whispering assurances of eternal love. Very nice is the giving she hid her favorite bouquet cornflowers or garden lily of the valley. Surprise her with something priyatnym.Ili as a noisy group of friends head to the nightclub. Send out invitations to friends in advance so that they can in time to congratulate you on your engagement. The wedding day let intrigued by friends at the last moment. At the end of the evening Treat your favorite beautiful fireworks in honor of nee.Organizuyte engagement so that it always ended in a lush wedding. And let her be followed by a series of long, bright, happy years.