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How to propose a girl to live together

As the relationship develops the young people no longer enough rare meetings and there is a desire to see a loved one every day. The natural step is to offer the beginning of their life together.

How to propose a girl to live together

Instruction how to offer the girl to live together

Step 1:

Gently ask the opinion of the girl. Ask probing questions to clarify the situation and its outlook on living together. If you know a good soul mate, this will not be difficult.

Step 2:

Think about where you will live together. If you or your girl has a private apartment, the issue will be resolved in a short period of time. Otherwise, you can buy / rent an apartment or, in extreme cases, to agree to live together with their parents.

Step 3:

If you do not have your own apartment, but there is a desire to acquire it, it is better to consult when it is selected with the girl. If you plan to live in the new house together, so she, too, has the right to vote. Being interested in her opinions, you show your respect for her.

Step 4:

If your apartment is not, and the purchase or eat - too expensive, can be the first time to live with their parents. In this case, it is desirable to discuss the matter with the Research Institute of before there is an important conversation with the girl. You, as a real man, solve all the problems on their own, and then offered the girl a ready option.

Step 5:

Create a romantic atmosphere to offer. The girl can not refuse, if you show their best side. A romantic dinner, candles, flowers, a small gift in the form of a box with a key, which can be present after a moving speech about your feelings. Show how it is the way you are and what you do not want to leave, even for a night with her.

Step 6:

There are other options offer easier. For example, a serious conversation - you meet in an apartment or hotel, to negotiate as hard not to see each other every day, and then the conversation itself will come to offer live together. This option is perfect for those who believe in his girlfriend and does not like complications.