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How to push the guy to the relationship

Fate gave you an appointment with a wonderful man. Perhaps he is the only one that will be your happiness, but the subject of sympathy shows no activity. Perhaps you need a little push the guy to the first step.

How to push the guy to the relationship

Instruction how to push the guy to the relationship

Step 1:

First, remember the truth: no one will love you until you love yourself. Love yourself. Believe in yourself, in your strength. Engage auto-training on the example of the heroine of the famous film, "I am the most charming and attractive ...". You will notice how with your own attitude to itself, will change your attitude towards others.

Step 2:

Stop being "very seriously." Often smile, joke and laugh at other people's jokes. A smile makes a person a sweet, pleasant and in a position to communicate. Remember, if she laughs, it does not mean that it is stupid or frivolous. This means that it is fun and easy to talk to. Sometimes the easy open enough smiles to push a man to the first step.

Step 3:

Try to change the image. You must give the impression of stylish, well-groomed girl. Create a database of his new wardrobe of classics quiet tones, that you will go. Complement them interesting accessories and shoes so that your image was brighter.

Step 4:

Effectively, interesting girl guy can not help but notice. If you are not familiar with the subject of his sympathy in person, now is the time. Since he now can not tear away from your eyes, sooner or later you're bound to encounter views. It is important to strike a balance. Express your favor in his eyes, but in any case not available. Does not mask his interest in the young man coldly, or run the risk of his scare, you need to push it to the relationship.

Step 5:

Participate more in the various events. Whether it be a seminar, training or corporate party, try to be among the participants, especially if the object of your sympathy, too, is involved. You will have more common interests and topics for communication.

Step 6:

Stop hoping for the fate, good fortune and a happy convergence of the planets. Hammer your happiness for yourself! But remember, in summing up the young man to the first step is important the delicacy and caution, because men still consider themselves masters of the situation and believe that the first word for them.