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How to quickly lose a Man

Sometimes in relationships with men, women allow annoying mistakes that can destroy all the senses literally. In an effort to completely change the lives of his men, ladies sometimes reach the point of absurdity. Here is a list of recommendations for those who want to quickly destroy the budding relationship and avert himself Man.

How to quickly lose a Man

Constantly repeat the guy that you love him

At the initial stage of relations, some women are literally scattered this phrase, repeating it almost as a mantra, thereby completely depreciate its value. The man eventually ceases to take these words seriously. These key words should sound only when the partners are fully confident in his feelings. No need to report every day to the man that you love him, even more so when you're familiar with him just a few weeks.

Immediately give your guy some "nyashnye" nickname

If you want to destroy the budding relationship, at once boldly invent her lover some diminutive nickname and call it as always and no matter where you are. For example, in the company of friends, business partners, among his friends. It would be great if you call him at work and ask his secretary or colleague to invite the "Masika" to the phone.

Begin to tell him about the future of your children and the sooner the better

already during the first month of your relationship is desirable in more detail to tell your beloved how you dream of joint children. Do not be afraid of exaggerations, dream on health. It is possible to have a second date together to come up with a name for your baby.

As much as possible to discuss your relationship with your friends

It is advisable to immediately inform all the friends that you finally met "him". Shall describe them in paint all the advantages of your guy. Especially you are lucky if some friend knows your guy personally. It will be able to pass on your words about how you love him and what he is nice.

Maximum frankly tell your man about your past

Do not be ashamed and do not be afraid. Feel free to tell me about his past novels. Maybe you still love someone and regret parting with someone. You can decorate your story juicy details, and even a little cry.

Do not be afraid to complain and whine

Are you unhappy with your weight or in the cabin you made an unsuccessful haircut? Immediately call and tell her boyfriend about your trouble. Load it with their problems. Let him know how you hard life.

Forbid him to meet with friends

Convince him that no party in the company of friends is no substitute for a quiet evening next to the beloved. Instead of football can be great to see some old melodrama. Make it as you can spend less time in the company of men. After just scary to imagine what he's talking with his friends, and on the way they laugh at jokes.

Make a permutation in his apartment

If you spend at his home, then you need to immediately try to make it more comfortable for your taste a lot of time. You can already from the first day to bring him to the house of some of his things, it is desirable to bring a more personal hygiene items and put everything in prominent places. Try to convince your man that with pink curtains of his room will look more attractive.

Give him a T-shirt and make her wear

Now sold so many beautiful T-shirts, and the inscriptions on them are clear, that is a sin not to buy your beloved something similar. For example, this "Family - there Nastya". Let everyone see that the guy is busy. Ask him to put on your gift for a joint outing or a party.

Weep after sex

After passionate sex can give vent to his feelings. With tears in his eyes tell him what he is good and the best. Give vent to emotions - do not hold back sobs. Especially this method is effective after the first night spent together.

Obtain all his passwords from accounts in social networks

If you can not find the password, you can hack his page. After all, you need to know about your loved one everything. Now you will be able to control it and gradually gather dirt on him.

Keep an eye on the man and his jealous as often as possible

All a child knows that jealousy - a sign of true love, so jealous of her boyfriend all. Control his every move, often call his relatives, especially when he is somewhere delayed. It should constantly check where is now your way, and the only man.

Roll the his huge scandal

Splash out my emotions, do not hold all in itself. Roll the your favorite scandal and throw a tantrum. For this fit any occasion, even the most trifling.

These rules are very efficacious, so if you, on the contrary, want to retain only that originated a romantic relationship with a man, do not make the errors described above.