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How to raise your rankings in the man's eyes

Relations between men and women sometimes simple and interesting, on the other stage of the journey are complex and contradictory. What you need to know about men, to look in their eyes a hundred? Plus a hundred, of course! To find harmony in relationships and his own soul, let us increase their own rankings in the eyes of men. And in order to understand what the eyes are looking at us men, to begin with we shall understand, what is the rating and place where each woman on the scale of male values.

How to raise your rankings in the man's eyes

Increase your ranking, you will make your life brighter, more interesting and richer. You will be more likely to marry a decent man, or save an existing family. To be healthy, young, beautiful and full of energy. If you know how men think, you can do as a woman, driving thoughts of men. Being the very neck that turns the head-man.

Rating has nothing to do with his own self-esteem of women, and is as follows - the bottom "- 100" - a well-groomed woman, like old men, smoking, using alcohol or drugs, they smell bad. At the top "100" - a smart woman, celebrities, sex symbols, they are beautiful, rich and successful. Where exactly are you up to you.

In 70% of women's self-esteem low, that is, women think about themselves much worse than they really are. Consider his reaction to the male compliment - if this contempt and sour face - nowhere below your rating. Many women have no self-confidence and self-esteem. Men feel it and wipe their feet on. Woman in the event of failure in a relationship with a man who delves into the psychology - what did I do wrong, why did he leave?

In men, it's much easier - vozbuzhdat.Esli stopped next to you for a long time or has never been a decent man, you are so confident woman. After all, we only get what the deserve. If the planet has a powerful energy, it attracted a lot of satellites, as well as a woman's life. Not to be confused with promiscuity. Top-rated woman can not only attract into your life the man, but also to keep it. 

 In the eyes of business men stoned, they are very well versed in people. At the first meeting a man for a few seconds defines spiritual rating: woman for a night or for marriage. 

From a businessman who knows how to make you on the first date you will feel like employment for the position of director. According to the same criteria of a man looking for a wife - the best of the best, not a housewife and housekeeper, who knows how to manage the economy and to organize their lives and family members. Including lead helpers around the house. And how well you answer the questions "interview"It depends on your future relationships. 

 Key positions that make up the ranking:

1. Rating energy, emotional.

2. Rating intellectual and psychological.

3. Rating physical - health, appearance.

4. Rating spiritual.

Energy, emotional rating

A serious, successful men who have already established their business in which everything in life is, lacks the main thing - emotion. Drive, which they lack, they are looking for in women. The relaxed, cheerful girl found the same energy that is needed for men as an additional source of strength. Therefore, a woman is important, no matter how much she has lived with her husband years - to maintain an elevated emotional state. Otherwise, there is a young Laughs, which would lead him out of the family.

Intellectual, psychological rating

The higher the rating of men in society, the more he needs a woman of confidence. Psychological ranking woman with such a man - is the ability to control the situation, to adapt to different conditions. The ability to maintain a conversation, be interesting, fully developed interlocutor - all this belongs to the intellectual high rating. It is important to learn to listen to the man to understand what he wants to say to prompt intelligent man, how and what for you to do. Such women nerves of steel and a high social level.

Physical rating

Any man interested in how it will look like a woman in 10 years. Never complain in his presence on their health, make sure your forms. Nobody wants to take care of a sick old woman. And the face is far more important than the person itself. If you're happy and smile, you feel great, and therefore good health. For many business men partner's appearance - a calling card. Sometimes they have to contact the escort services to find a lady to accompany. Up to 28 years old man attracted to a woman only physical rating - it is only interested in how it looks. A little later connected and other valuables. Therefore, in the interest of any age of the woman to be in its circularity elastic state. 

And if a woman groomed, and the man to care for her there is no need. It is one of its kind makes husband impotent, because he has less and less of a desire to caress her. Overweight - evidence weak fortitude.

Spiritual rating

If you are able to answer rudeness and nastiness compliment - you are highly spiritual person. To see the bright soul of the man, you need to show their. Spiritual rating allows you to stay married to a woman, her husband and encourage him to understand, to sympathize and empathize with him. It's like the unconditional motherly love to the baby.

Poor behavior can be adjusted. Some of the girls inside are clean and bright and tasty as candy and wrapped in dirty wrapper misconduct. You used to be discontented, gloomy expression, from morning to evening is lost at work, without giving time to her family. Or vice versa, overrun in the kitchen - a greasy coat, disheveled head. If your behavior is a positive result, you are happy, healthy and rich - fix this behavior and leave. And if something is not in order, it is necessary to urgently menyat.Ot addition to which the woman herself accustomed habits, and depends on its behavior.

The habit to behave somehow fills life: actions, thoughts, values. The main task - to change the disadvantageous for you habits, learn new behavior, then men will be willing to devote your entire life to serve you faithfully and be happy only with you.