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How to re-egoist

Selfishness - it is this attitude and behavior when he is fully focused on his own "I", to receive the benefits of success, pleasure. For any egoist highest good it is to satisfy their own interests.

How to re-egoist

Instruction how to re-egoist

Step 1:

Keep in mind the fact that the self-interest - it is a certain level of human development. It would take life lessons and the time to change it. Egoist all the time thinking about the short-term needs, it does not have the willpower and inner spirit for self-development and their own self-restraint.

Step 2:

Try to re-egoist selfishness. That is, try to convince him that caring for others is also able to bring the fun and excitement, a sense of self-satisfaction. Suppose that at least tries to start.

Step 3:

Be an example of altruistic behavior, often egoist tell stories that can make him respond emotions, show with their own humanity.

Step 4:

Gift egoist any pet, requires constant care. This may be a cat or a dog, a hamster or parakeet, etc. The main thing that people knew that the responsibility for the life of this creature lies on his shoulders.

Step 5:

Do not be afraid to load egoist different responsibilities, do not try to protect him from all the problems. If this is your husband - instructs him to sit or walk with the child, to make help you around the house, etc.

Step 6:

Create situations that require self-sacrifice. For example, you can ask highly selfish person to help an old lady neighbor to bring a bag to the door and down the stairs, etc.

Step 7:

Praise him in front of other people, but do it carefully, because egoists very unpleasant to listen to praise someone else's address. However, accustom him to the idea that all around there are many interesting and worthy people besides him.

Step 8:

Do not expect quick results, selfishness - world worked out over the years, coming back from childhood, so to combat it need patience, consistency and perseverance in achieving this goal.