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How to refuse a date

If a friend or an unfamiliar person you first took the initiative and invited you on a date, he does not lack the courage to clear. However, you will have a hard time if you do not feed him sympathy or do not share his desire to spend time together, as you will need to make a polite refusal.

How to refuse a date

Instruction how to refuse a date

Step 1:

Try to gently and tactfully refuse a person who has invited you on a date. Try this at every possible way to hide their antipathy to it, do not insult and do not push. After all, refuse to date - it does not mean to break all relations. Let them remain at the level at which there were. Making tactful refusal, you do not fall in the eyes of man, who showed a liking to you, and keep his confidence.

Step 2:

If a person willfully does not agree to accept your polite refusal, it can be done and more rigid way, but still it is not necessary to go beyond the limits of decency. Do not make categorical statements such as, "You never liked me" or "You're not my type." In the best case, if your refusal was addressed to the girl, you can get away from her face. At worst, doing such a thing, you can not get hold of a very good reputation among your friends in common.

Step 3:

What a pathetic excuse, or simply trying to escape you will not be put in the best light, so you need to behave confidently, decisively, speak calm and firm tone. Try and hold this conversation tete-a-tete, without outsiders, showing his respect for the man.

Step 4:

Direct denial is quite difficult to do, especially if you are a shy person by nature. In this case it is better to come up with good reasons. For example, say that you have on this just do not have enough free time, as planned important things that urgently need to finish. Or lie to that, alas, you have to nourish feelings of another person, or just are not ready for any relationship.

Step 5:

If the person you really nice, but you are not able to go out with him - just tell him the truth. Try together to plan this event for another day. If your heart is really already occupied by someone - to recognize this and offer a friendly relationship.