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How to resolve the conflict

The conflict - this divergence of our interests with the ongoing events around us. Family life is impossible without a showdown. Problems arise and need to be addressed. Of course, very disappointing, when criticizing a loved one, and so do not want to take it all in silence. But unrecoverable situations do not happen.

How to resolve the conflict

Instruction how to resolve the conflict

Step 1:

Conflict occurs when your spouse has behaved quite differently from how you expected it. Therefore, in the direction of the partner accusations fly directly into the misconduct. But the fact that a loved one has done wrong, maybe just your opinion. Think about why he or she should do, how you want. Understand that even though you and the native people, but it is a different person with their interests and their behaviors. And for him or her or that the act can not go beyond the norm. If you are primarily going to think about it, not about himself, the disorder can be avoided. Surely none of you did not want to spoil relations deliberately. It is not in order they were created. The conflict will only get worse if it is not solved, and continue to sort things out. Although many adults often choose exactly model the behavior of children in the conflict. Also, consider the reason why your partner acted that way, and not otherwise. Maybe he just wanted to attract your attention and found no other way to reach you. Therefore, never in a hurry to rush with loud accusations against the loved one, and in the first place to find out all the circumstances of the conflict.

Step 2:

In a conflict situation to blame for both partners. Understanding this idea will bring its positive outcome. The correct solution is to take responsibility and begin to regulate themselves with problems. If you approach the situation with the idea, "he or she is guilty", it will only exacerbate the quarrel. Even if you do not conflict began, quietly listen to a partner, try to set aside extra information and highlight the most important of his speech. In the same calm voice answer your loved one that you heard him and try to change all neustraivaet his circumstances. Such behavior will make your partner think that he or she is too hasty, and probably there was no need to heat up the situation well. At the same time your partner will certainly be inconvenient, and an apology will follow immediately. You do not blame each other, and to extract some lessons for the future, to avoid conflicts and resolve all disputed issues by peaceful means.

Step 3:

The best way - it is easy to talk openly about their feelings about what you do not like. After all, people can always agree. When you live in a marriage for a long time already, the wife may well solve the controversial issue calm discussion of the situation. And if they are in conflict, then the question must be global, rather than from the series "Who will take out the garbage?". After all, the couple experienced such petty domestic issues are virtually on schedule, which works without a glitch. Young couples more often faced with divergent interests, as they have passed the period of getting used to each other. If you talk without swearing, then listen to each other and it will be easier to agree a lot easier. One has only to try, and the result will not take long. In life there are so many interesting things that you should not waste time on arguments. It is better to live in harmony and enjoy every day with love for each other.

Step 4:

If independently solve problems in family relations is not possible, you can turn to a psychologist. He will try to help you maintain a professional relationship. Currently visiting a psychologist - is not only a real help in uncovering the secrets of marital happiness, but also the fashion trend of modern times. After visiting a few sessions a professional psychologist, the situation could change radically. Just do not think that in the field of psychology specialist solve all the problems for you. You yourself have come to the right decision, and a psychologist will help you understand your situation with the help of the questions correctly. No matter what you asked for help from the outside, the main thing - to create and maintain a harmonious family.