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How to restore a relationship with a man

If he went to the other, it does not mean that life is over. The main thing in this situation - do not cease to feel like a real woman, loved and cherished, no matter what. And though he's trying to get you back.

How to restore a relationship with a man

Instruction how to restore the relationship with a man

Step 1:

Do not break off his phone, do not waste your creative imagination in the soft SMS. The door is closed, let him leave. Now you have time to become even more irresistible, leave active attempts to get him back, get him.

Step 2:

Even if the mood is not very new haircut, good make-up, a pair of new shoes can work wonders. Let the reflection in the mirror you are always happy, even early in the morning, and not just on holidays.

Step 3:

Update your wardrobe. You lost the support of men, and now the financial capacity does not allow things to buy expensive designer? Attend sales, get a skilled dressmaker - most importantly take care of themselves, regardless of how much money is in your wallet.

Step 4:

The gap made you nervous. Take care of health, and not only women. It is unlikely that you will feel like a beautiful princess, seizing hellish pain in my stomach antibiotics, bought on the advice of a friend.

Step 5:

Fall in love and flirt, tell a common friend, that re-opened for a relationship. Let your ex man knows that it is large enough light. Sexologists say that the consciousness of her own beauty makes a woman irresistible.

Step 6:

Enjoy and indulge yourself, do not hesitate to it! Buy yourself flowers and gifts, do not try to numb the pain of a broken relationship work to exhaustion. Be sure to meet up with common friends, smile, even by force, let all see that the world has not collapsed for you.

Step 7:

Be sure taking care of yourself, which you so enthusiastically indulge, do not go unnoticed by anyone, including your ex man. He thought you dive into depression! And you have a new beau. At least, he would have to think about.

Step 8:

If you are determined to get it back, just wait. Experience shows that after these changes a man wants to see you again, you hear a voice. And you still think about whether to re-take his advances.