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How to restore the confidence of wife

Some husbands familiar with this unpleasant situation: the wife started unreasonably jealous. It is necessary to sometimes stay at work - immediately suspect. It is worth mentioning at least briefly in conversation some other woman - immediately shed tears, "I am no longer needed!". After the birth of her figure, "blurred", it lost its former harmony - all nightmare began. "You have to look on the other, I do not attract any more." How to get rid of his wife jealous, how to get her trust?

How to restore the confidence of wife

Instruction how to regain the trust of his wife

Step 1:

You can, of course, "to write off" all of the tendency of women to irrational thinking, to hysteria. But it is better to try to understand the situation, analyzing their own behavior. For example, the delay. Do they really happened sometimes? Or maybe, quite often? In this case, even the most loving and trusting wife may have suspicions, and there could accuse her of "irrational thinking", especially in the "hysteria" is impossible.

Step 2:

Some husbands do not consider it necessary to devote their wives in the nature and characteristics of their cases in the service, especially when it comes to complex technical issues. Mol, hardly understand, and why "shipping" superfluous information, it has enough of its affairs. But to no avail! At least in general terms devote his wife. Then it will be much less likely to raise questions about the appropriateness of delays at work.

Step 3:

Not to mention in a conversation about another woman, even if it's just a colleague. Of course, it can be assumed when it is "caught". And if it happened often enough, even with essential underlining its merits, here at your favorite unwittingly may be quite reasonable concerns and a lack of confidence. Keep this in mind and be attentive to their words.

Step 4:

"Blurred" figure can drive them into depression, even the most calm and reasonable woman! It can as much as necessary to repeat itself, that is - a small fee for the happiness of motherhood, but still suffers from looking at the slender young damsels. And if you ever look at them, and it does face depression.

Step 5:

Again, you can see after a slender girl aloud to admire her beauty pure instinct, "nothing so" without even thinking, and it's like a sharp knife to his wife! Begin reproaches, tears, suspicion.

Step 6:

So do not deprive his wife attention, kind words, compliments. Most do her gifts, even the most modest, in the form of cards with touching inscriptions. Be careful not to neglect the intimate side of life. If a woman feels loved and desired, it can, and will be jealous, but within reason! And distrust arose was quickly disappear.