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How to restore the old feelings

If you live in a marriage for a long time, and the feeling started to fade away - do not be alarmed: this situation is the norm. Sooner or later, the original passion starts to decrease, and the couple is faced with the need to find a new motivation for the relationship, nurture their love and move relations to a new, higher stage of development.

How to restore the old feelings

Instruction how to return the old feeling

Step 1:

If you are faced with the extinction of the senses, and can not cope with it on their own, it is recommended to turn to the family psychologist, who can competently and objectively assess your level of relations and help to correct some common mistakes. Do not close your eyes to family problems in the hope that they will disappear by themselves - if you do not solve them, they just get worse and will affect your relationship in a negative way. So do not hesitate to ask the experts about the professional assistance if you feel that the deal with the problem you can not.

Step 2:

If the reason for the decline was the banal sense of life, which has led to stagnation in the relationship, try to revive the relationship, bringing them the element of surprise. Earn partner experienced a strong surge of emotions and new experiences - this will break a measured course of things, and would be beneficial for your mutual feelings.

Step 3:

Organize a joint campaign in the country, an extreme journey to another country, jump with a parachute, Participate in the original game - for example, to find the treasure in the caves of the city. All this will refresh your senses and bring them a sense of novelty.

Step 4:

Make sure your behavior - relations should be protected, and therefore, it is necessary to protect and respect your partner. Avoid unfounded jealousy, grouchy, negative emotions and aggressive attacks on a man. Your society should be a partner for the best way to take a break from everyday worries, and it should not be a desire to run away from you far away.

Step 5:

If you experience irritation from regular habits and lifestyle of your partner, try to take it for what it is, just as it takes you. Do not try to make your partner the perfect wife, you've always dreamed of - to enjoy what the other person in front of you, where there are lots of unknown features and puzzles, and you have to open them.

Step 6:

Take his negative traits and try to smooth them its advantages, which you will find quite a few. If the irritation is so great that the family has no hope for further recovery of harmonious relations, soberly consider whether in the future to live with this person.

Step 7:

If, however, there is hope to keep the family - give her husband all her affection and love, and he will answer you the same, to bring back the old feelings.