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How to return the guy who does not communicate

The relationship with a guy for a long time run out, and you will no longer communicate, but the past does not want to let you go. You always think about the loss of love and think about how things back. In fact, never too late to do so.

How to return the guy who does not communicate

Instruction how to return the guy who does not communicate

Step 1:

Remember, what was the cause of separation, who has pioneered. Perhaps it was because of you any negative traits or problems with the appearance, which did not like the ex-boyfriend. In this case, the first work on yourself and change yourself in a positive way, to prevent the recurrence of a similar situation in the future.

Step 2:

Take care of your appearance, remember preferences ex-boyfriend that he was attracted to girls. It should be as close to his ideal. Give a figure in the order of: sit on a diet, work out, visit the beauty salon. It is worth to buy a few new things personal wardrobe. Be confident of yourself girl, aware of its appeal.

Step 3:

Get the address Man pages in social networks. To do this, you can communicate with your common friends. Look at the page, or ask friends if his hobbies have changed if he is with someone in a relationship. But do not rush to mess with him, you must try to make his first pay attention to you.

Step 4:

Appear in those places where it is often ex-boyfriend: in shops, cafes, nightclubs, or at the university. Behave naturally. Do not engage in conversation with a guy, just meet up with him a couple of times look. Let him remember you, see how you have changed in appearance, it is sure to arouse his interest.

Step 5:

Try to start a rumor among your mutual friends, that you are alone and do not mind a chat. Let this information come to your ex. Usually in such a situation, even if the man does not wish to start a relationship, be sure to contact you - call or write. If this does not happen, then give it a try to contact him.

Step 6:

Talk for a while. Remember how you used to be good together. Let the guy to make sure that you have changed for the better, as much as possible interested in you. In this case, it certainly wants a serious relationship again with you.