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How to return your mood

Human life is full of stress, so sometimes it seems that the worst already and can not be. Do not get depressed and do not feel sorry for yourself. Enjoy the small pleasures and life will seem a little brighter.

How to return your mood

Instruction how to get yourself up

Step 1:

Causes of bad mood can be mass: a break with a loved one, problems at work, family life in turmoil, seasonal depression and some other stuff. Do not get annoyed, do not let the bad mood to take on themselves the upper hand, do not complicate the situation by rash actions. Before looking for a way to cheer yourself up, try to understand what exactly you are currently lacking. Include reason and rationality and take a look at the part of the problem - maybe it is actually not so bad, and it is not necessary for every slightest provocation upset and distressed. Look for possible ways out of the situation. And lifting the mood there are so many ways.

Step 2:

The most effective way - shopping. Choosing the right new dress will make you forget for a while about the sadness, because show off in front of the mirror is always nice. You can not even buy anything well, just take a look at the expensive jewelry and branded clothing. During the fitting do not take money, and a beautiful dress from Dior dorogushchee can set you on the right footing. If you are serious about spending, think for a minute that the various gadgets that you do not particularly need, make the world brighter and more interesting.

Step 3:

Eat something sweet. A particular success enjoyed chocolate. Chocolate contains serotonin, which is also called hormone of happiness. The mood will rise clearly. But a surplus of serotonin in the body has negative consequences: there are feelings of anxiety, irritability, restlessness. So what? Abandon your favorite chocolates and no longer stick their grief chocolate cake? Absolutely not. You just need to determine the safe dose. Just listen to your body: food should add strength and improve mood, not to oppress and cause to feel anxiety.

Step 4:

Arrange a home spa. No one has not prevented the relaxing hot tub. Just imagine: twilight, pleasant music, light incense, scented oils, a lot of foam. You can soak up as much as necessary, and let the whole world wait. And then wrap in a warm cozy towel, drink a cup or a glass of your favorite drink and read a fascinating book.

Step 5:

Win-win situation - a dream. Very often the cause of bad temper is a chronic lack of sleep. As soon as you will stand a day off, just otospitsya. Can all day to lie in bed and indulge in idle idleness. By the way, this useful procedure can be combined with the view of some touching comedy with a good and a good finish.

Step 6:

Work out. As they say, a healthy body - healthy spirit. Running, fitness, yoga, pilates, swimming, belly dancing - choose what you like. But do not forget about trivial occupations: cycling or inline skating. They always help distract from the serious thoughts and unwind. If you have a pet such as a dog, go out more often with him for a walk, and you will have time to think without the prying eyes of your problem, and the dog - joy.

Step 7:

If you can not for a long time to be alone, arrange a noisy party. Invite all your friends, just for no reason. Organization of the event you will invigorate and recharge your batteries friends. Cheerful noise, dancing, drinking, the presence of a number of close friends - all this will help you get out of the doldrums.

Step 8:

Hugs, sex, kiss with a loved one - the best way to lift your mood. During sex, as well as by eating chocolate, serotonin is produced.

Step 9:

Do not mope. Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. A ways and treatments to choose is up to you.