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How to show a girl a guy that she likes it

When do not want in a relationship come gray days or suddenly comes misunderstanding, and to lose a loved one, it is important to pay attention to their behavior. It is only through the actions and the most important words you can prove your man love for him.

How to show a girl a guy that she likes it

Instruction how to show a girl a guy that she likes it

Step 1:

If you pay special attention to the appearance exclusively before an important business meeting, or in anticipation of the parties, it is unlikely to be a nice guy. Imagine what he would have shaved just before going to work or a meeting with friends. Watch for cleanliness and tidiness of their body, clothing neatness and beauty of hair, even if most of the day you spend at home.

Step 2:

Keep it as often as possible will appear on your face. How would you react to the fact, if every day I wake up with a man with a frown and drooping corners of her mouth? Remember unspoken rule - the answer is to smile smile. If you want to see your other half happy, give him that happiness. And in return, he will love and appreciate you even more.

Step 3:

When your life together becomes a raid routine, it's time to recall the manifestation of their feelings. Presented a long-awaited beloved or insignificant gift. In any case, he will express your love and affection. This can be a material gift (a rare book, a good drink, travel accessories, novelty of a series of hi-tech - depending on its interests), and an event such as travel or picnic.

Step 4:

If your man is not very verbose, for the recognition you have to set an example for him. Talk about love, do not hesitate, and then he will answer you the same. The main thing is to do it selflessly, not to demand the return of tenderness every minute. If you and the most difficult to say aloud the kind words from time to time write letters or notes to place on a plate with breakfast, in a bathroom or a car.

Step 5:

Do not try to deliberately provoke a situation that may cause jealousy. This does not inflame his senses, on the other hand, the guy starts to lose to you trust. The proof of love let him understand that he - the only one who could lay claim to your attention.