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How to spend the evening with a man

The first impression can be made only once. How not to spoil it? Of course, do not fully adjust to other people's expectations, but there are points that are worth still worth it to comply.

How to spend the evening with a man

Instruction how to spend the evening with a man

Step 1:

Decide what purpose you are going on a date. This search for a life partner, or just flirting? In the first case it requires a serious approach to business. The clothes should give preference to a dress or a skirt kit. The woman in the pants subconsciously perceived as a rival. Too open top in a dress or blouse, short skirt and bright make-up usually mean for a man that a woman is too available. Also, do not use perfume scents in the evening, especially in large quantities. Every human scents cause their associations, and some men just can not stand the smell of perfume.

Step 2:

About the plan of visits can be agreed already in place. At least, so you will understand how your man is inventive and as able to take care of a woman. If you begin the excuses like "everything is expensive everywhere," and you face the prospect of spending the evening on the bench in the park, especially in the cold season, the meeting can be on it and finish.

Step 3:

At the other extreme - when you confront the fact that "today we are going to fight without rules" (or soccer), but you do not put these spectacles. It is unlikely that such a man will compromise and go to your beloved, but he hated classical music concert. So in this case it is polite to say goodbye (of course, if you are not interested in this man so much that they are willing to follow him to the ends of the earth).

Step 4:

An appointment or arrange a party at the cafe, the more that it is affordable for almost any man. During visits listen carefully to what he says and how. If he wants to please you, you will have a lot to talk about themselves, showering you with compliments, the nature of which is to say, what purpose against you he pursues. Held in life will tell about their achievements, and the loser - only about his plans. Mention the word "mother" almost every five minutes should alert you: in front of you, most likely, "sissy" for which her that his interests will always come first, and in close contact with him, you will not get.

Step 5:

Remember: you just listen carefully and draw conclusions. Do not boast of success in men, or he will think you are too available. Continuous female "Twitter" can cause irritation to the gentleman. But as a partisan during the interrogation do not need. With a lack of information from the horse's mouth, the man himself can fantasize anything, and you will not always look decent in these fantasies.

Step 6:

Paying on a date can be every man for himself, but do not get caught on the complaint gigolos small manner of a "wallet left behind at home," and sudden troubles, fallen on his head right before the meeting. A real man does not become a "ship" a woman the problems, especially financial ones.