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How to spend the night with a girl

The formula of male attractiveness, flawlessly serving women - is not a myth. But few want to have it, you also need to comply, with all the necessary components. Develop in yourself this natural magnetism, maddening the fair sex, the power of any man. You just need to know a few secrets and skillfully apply them in practice. Before dream to hold a woman, familiar or unfamiliar, night, should ensure its credibility and position, to your person of interest and attraction to her, but to no other

How to spend the night with a girl

You will need:

Eloquence, confidence

Instruction how to spend the night with a girl

Step 1:

Eye contact. Establishing eye contact - this is the first and very important step. It is an intelligence function: if a woman, you're looking at, not turning away, showing interest to you, and maybe even gives some hidden signals that she does not mind getting to know you and is waiting for decisive action on your part. If all goes the other way around, you should not even try to not be in an awkward situation, rejected and mocked.

Step 2:

Choose one. If you entrust to explore great hope, even if it is just one night together, then immediately decide with a choice of "object" on which you squander all your skill seducer. It is not necessary to get acquainted with all the ladies in the company of your friends darling. This will create a sense of the girl that she is not interested in you, and you are just looking for a fun evening in the company.

How to spend the night with a girl

Step 3:

The most charming and attractive. Always let the woman feel that she is to you the most beautiful and attractive in the world. For women it is important to know, especially if it is the soul itself are not considered. Upon hearing such assurances out of your mouth, the lady finds you the one who was able to appreciate it "appreciated" and hasten to you in this even more convincing.

Step 4:

Get plenty of pleasant. Do not assume that compliments - this last century. They are relevant at all times. To emphasize the dignity of women intricate similes and metaphors - is an art that must learn every man. Do not hesitate to pay compliments, but they should be appropriate and original. Try to avoid trite phrases, obsession and ambiguity. Hearing compliments in his address, she should be flattered them, and not alert.

Step 5:

Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted. Meet girls everywhere, not only in nightclubs and restaurants. It is important to remember that women are always waiting for the activity of men, so try to show it, but with the mind and using the tips outlined above. The main use of trivial phrases and expressions that do not get the same sharp many candidates refused.