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How To Stay Away

You sat up at a party, and you will, for various reasons, really do not want to leave. There are some pretty peaceful means to try to extend the visit, if you want to continue acquaintance and not cause irritation to the hosts.

How To Stay Away

Instruction how to stay away

Step 1:

If you are the first time in this house, do not start your visit with the phrase: "Yes, a good apartment. I would like to live here forever. " The hosts can properly understand your joke, if only because they see you for the first time or you have recently met. Your visit can be completed, and it began.

Step 2:

If you are visiting old friends, you can honestly and openly admit to them that you just do not want to go home. It is likely that friends will not give you overnight.

Step 3:

If you were a girl (a young man) for a cup of coffee and really sit and drink coffee (cocoa, tea), then try to tighten the conversation as much as possible until it is too late for you to pack off.

Step 4:

If you - a girl, ask the young man to hold you long dress, slowly go down the stairs instead of the elevator, and in the same leisurely pace, go to the bus stop. It is likely that all the vehicles had already will see the tenth dream, and you will be back.

Step 5:

If you - the young people try to take the girl in conversation so much that she does not want you to go. If she loves computer games, offer her a challenge, and constantly loses. Ask a Woman give you a chance to get even, but loses anyway. In the end, it will be too late to let you go on one night streets unsafe. Do not forget in the process of computer battles of eloquence views and touch.

Step 6:

If you came to the company, try to be indispensable, to become its center. If the master (mistress), and let the rest of the guests, then you him (her) want to talk longer, most likely in less noisy environments.

Step 7:

You can pre-order walk on the evening city in a limousine or by boat, and then, in order to share experiences, to stay away.

Step 8:

Stay with the excuse that you do not have money for a taxi at this hour, at least, unwise. Money can be the owners, and the excuse is too transparent. The same applies to a sudden heart attack or pressure jump. If the owners will cause "ambulance", then you really will pale appearance.

Step 9:

Do not drink too much at a party with alcohol. Even if you'll be at a party, because of your non-transportable, then the next day you will be ashamed of his behavior the day before.