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How to stop a bad guy

Not always are such relations, as we would like. And sometimes a woman realizes that the couple has no future, but is afraid of change. Afraid of being alone, or simply under the influence of habit. Sometimes a woman just does not understand whether it satisfied a relationship or not, because today everything is fine, and the next day - bad. First, let's answer the few questions, and then decide whether to continue.

How to stop a bad guy

Instruction how to stop the bad guy

Step 1:

The relationship should be held for the benefit of you and bring you joy. Always define for yourself what you want from a relationship, and if you get it. And for this you need to stay conscious and look at the situation soberly, even if sometimes the emotions prevail over reason. Make a list of pros and cons and take a look at their relationship.

Step 2:

Roll Man, do not hesitate, if he is a born tyrant, constantly controls you, and even worse - hit. Do not count on the fact that it will be able to re-educate. Statistics say otherwise. This includes cases where the guy insists on you to give up something that is dear to you - work, friends or hobbies.

Step 3:

Leave the man with whom you can not relax. Perhaps he is from those who do not know how to appreciate a good attitude and takes it for granted. Perhaps some time relationship on the brink, and allow you to maintain the vitality and thrill, but something serious on this basis can not be built. You can not trust him, when you are vulnerable, such as during pregnancy.

Step 4:

If you always strive for self-development, but your partner prefers to spend his spare time on the couch watching TV, think about whether you need someone who will pull you back. In addition, often these men are jealous of his successful passes and struggling to get them to give up the personal growth, career, etc. Realizing that they themselves do not reach the level of, they often try to assert themselves at the expense of others.

Step 5:

Do not feel sorry to part with a man that all the problems are passed on to your shoulders and can not cope with any life problems. Many women fall into the trap of maternal instinct and live with men, which they feel sorry and that they hope to re-educate. Usually, this came to nothing lead, and is a waste of time.

Step 6:

Notice how a man treats you, on his actions. Excite your business whether it gladly if it helps you, if necessary, whether it is greedy if your successes pleased. Partner should you appreciate, if you do not want to always be suffering party in the relationship. If initially his behavior to you is poor, it is likely to continue, nothing will change.

Step 7:

Imagine your relationship in the long term, based on the fact that you know about partner now. You like what you see? If not, you may want to think about the disagreement.