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How to surprise your loved one on February 14

Some girls are used to the fact that Valentine's Day should surprise and delight them only - to give flowers, candy, romantic arrange trips to restaurants and movies. But do not forget about men - gift presented by the woman he loved? for them it is very expensive.

How to surprise your loved one on February 14

Instruction how to surprise a loved one on February 14

Step 1:

Make original greeting for February 14 is very simple, you need only a little dream. Try to remember, perhaps, your favorite saying recently that really wants to buy a thing or go somewhere, and organize it appropriate surprise gift.

Step 2:

You can also make a gift that will be suitable to his hobbies. For example, if your sweetheart is engaged in some kind of sports, get him some kind of accessory that he never buys. Pre is to ask the experienced people that it is worth buying.

Step 3:

You can surprise your loved one, inviting him to some joint extreme rest. So you will be able to congratulate him, spend time together and get an unforgettable experience.

Step 4:

You can order an advertising billboard with a photo of your joint and pleasant greeting text. In this case, the important thing is not miscalculate with its location, otherwise all your efforts will be wasted. Also, consider whether your partner will appreciate such a gift - some men shy of congratulations.

Step 5:

If you can not spend a lot of money for a gift - it does not matter. Prepare a beautiful card, in which desire to write, you are ready to perform for their favorite. During the year, he may issue you a card in exchange for a wish written on it. If you have a lot of joint photos taken with their own hands or buy in the store most of the frame and make beautiful photo collage where to place photos in chronological order, so you can together to remember what it was before. Leave a framed space for new photos and hang it in a prominent place.

Step 6:

Remember the old days, will help game-quest. Come up with an interesting plot and build it so that you and your loved ones have bypassed all your expensive places in the city, and in the end came to the place where was your first kiss or some other pleasant moment and gave the beloved gift. To arrange a game, make a card that will be given in exchange for the memories. Do not forget to pre-develop the best route so you do not get tired during the walk.

Step 7:

Quest can arrange the apartment, if you live together. Write a few notes, which will be able to find your favorite gift, and place them in different parts of the house so that the deciding one task, he could get a new one. Presenting a gift so that you make your greetings original and interesting.