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How to survive the death of his son continued

One of the worst misfortune that could happen to a man - a child's death. After that, go back to the old life is extremely difficult, many people can not cope without help. However, parents need to pull myself together and try to cope with their grief.

How to survive the death of his son continued

Instruction how to survive the death of his son continued

Step 1:

Experiencing grief - this is a lengthy process that can be divided into four stages. The first step - it's a shock and numbness. It lasts for about a week, maybe a couple of days longer. Then comes the second stage - denial. The parent refuses to believe that his son was killed. It lasts an average of forty days, followed by a third stage - staying pain. Man learns to cope with his grief, accustomed to live in a new environment. Somewhere in half a year comes the fourth stage - pain relief. It lasts up to a year. As if you were not hard, remember that it will take time and you will inevitably feel the relief. We just need to wait.

Step 2:

Consult your therapist - it is likely that he will prescribe a treatment with antidepressants. Attend a group of parents who have lost children. There you will be able to talk, surrounded by people who have experienced the same grief and be able to understand you. If you live in a small town, and similar groups you do not have to register on the forum, where talking mothers and fathers who lost their sons and daughters.

Step 3:

Get rid of the guilt. Many parents begin to imagine that their child would be alive, they have not committed a particular act. "If we had not given him a bicycle, he would not be hit by a car", "if only I had not let him in the evening, go for a walk", "if only I had taught her son last summer to swim." Only holders of supernatural abilities may blame themselves for the fact that they could not foresee. Usually, people should accept the fact that the accident occurred as a result of coincidence of a number of factors, and it is - not their fault.

Step 4:

Emotional pain can be compared to an exercise bike: you pedal, you takes a lot of strength, but the bike is still at a standstill. Many mothers and fathers have become fixated on their grief, they live it, not noticing anything around. Make a regime of the day, temporarily loading a heavy mental and physical labor. Get plenty of rest. Allow yourself time to time to show weakness. Gradually the pain subsided, and you can continue to live.