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How to survive the separation from his wife

The reasons for which his wife are moving away from their husbands, very much. This may be a cooling sensation, cheating husband, a new hobby woman, inappropriate behavior on the part of a spouse, etc. And if your favorite was unable to return, we will have to survive a difficult parting.

How to survive the separation from his wife

Instruction how to survive the separation from his wife

Step 1:

Release my wife. Do not dream about the future together - it will be gone. Do not get angry and say goodbye to her, leaving only the bad memories in his heart. But, on the other hand, do not need to idealize and his wife. People often tend to after parting look at the past through rose-colored glasses, as they start to value something only after it is lost. In order not to suffer because of parting with the ideal woman, and try to remember the bad things that happened between you.

Step 2:

Start building the future again. As long as you and your wife have been together, you sure there were many different plans, but now the image of the future that you drew in your mind, it is necessary to destroy. If you can not live without knowing what you will do tomorrow or a month, make yourself a small plan. You must understand that you still have room for improvement, and life has lost its meaning with the care of his wife.

Step 3:

Try to realize that you were not available before. For example, if the wife does not allow you to jump with a parachute, do it now. Earlier too much money to spend on the family, but now you can dig a little and take a trip or buy something that you've always wanted. So you will be able to escape from the gloomy thoughts and begin to live their lives, not connected with the past and even in many respects different from her.

Step 4:

If the separation is too painful for you, try not only to minimize the contact with his wife, but also to avoid any reminders of her. Otherwise you are going to deepen the wound, and forget about the difficult separation will be possible not soon. Erase favorite number from the phone, remove all of her contacts, photos, etc., try to talk as little as possible with her. It's hard to do, especially if you have many friends in common, but the effort is still worthwhile.