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How to take the initiative in their hands

In the old days the initiative in making important decisions in the family women are unconditionally handed men. Yes, otherwise it could not be, because the men were physically stronger, lay on their shoulders about ensuring the material well-being, and the whole society was built on the principle of the rule of men. Nowadays the situation has changed. Women are increasingly not satisfied with a secondary role in the family.

How to take the initiative in their hands

Instruction how to take the initiative in their hands

Step 1:

To take the initiative in their own hands, first of all evaluate your real possibilities. If you - the person timid, indecisive, prone to doubt and never put forward major initiatives around relying on her husband, then you will be psychologically difficult to cope with the new role. Whether you need it? Perhaps more correct to gently push her husband to the right decisions?

Step 2:

If you have come to the conclusion that no other way, and you are able to make decisions and take responsibility for their performance for yourself, then try to change their course of action and some "neliderskie" traits. Cultivate confidence, firmness, consistency, demanding of themselves and their family members.

Step 3:

Be aware of everything that happens in the family than live your spouse and children. Take on the everyday activities and the decision everyday issues. You do not have to hope that someone will make utility payments, repair leaky faucet in the kitchen, make repairs, or comes to parent-teacher meeting. But this does not mean that you need to roll up our sleeves and get to work. You need to properly organize its implementation and monitor the process.

Step 4:

Increasingly offer their ideas and bring them to mind. Try to gain experience and skills in making important decisions. These solutions must be correct and logically justified. In no case do not solve problems with the help of emotions. Do not dispose of outstanding cases and do not change the decision, if you accepted it. So you gradually gain the unconditional authority in the family.

Step 5:

Before you push any initiative, review the possibility of its implementation. You must possess deep this topic! Make a clear plan of action. Every item it should be clear and understandable, first of all, yourself. This will increase your confidence in the success of the event and will affect the mood of family members.

Step 6:

Extend the idea and make its formal approval of the family is not enough to ensure that it was implemented. The sequence of actions and make sure that it is done, as long as the results do not satisfy.

Step 7:

Do not forget that if you take the decision of absolutely all problems, you will automatically deprive other members of his family the opportunity to feel needed, respected, self-sufficient. Consider whether you want to see your family ordinary "cogs" of your faith? And how long they will hold this position? In strong families, decisions are made together, or at least the role they are assigned in accordance with the capabilities and competence of the husband and wife in a particular area. Take the initiative in matters that are close to you, and give it to her husband to show that what he is strong.