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How to tell the girl about the children

Do you live with a girl for quite a long time together. It seems that already know each other thoroughly and believe in it as a. You are already thinking about a complete family with children, family trips to the circus and travel to the country. But what to say about his dream girl?

How to tell the girl about the children

Instruction how to tell the girl about the children

Step 1:

Many guys are afraid to directly claim the girls that to create a full-fledged family want to have children. They think that they will look ridiculous, saying it is their favorite. In fact, this is a very important moment in the relationship. The desire to have children, says that your feelings come to a new stage of development. What do you really love that person and want to spend her whole life.

Step 2:

But before you say it out loud, you have to think all is well. Do you have the opportunity to talk about the birth of the new man? Are you ready for the challenges that await young parents?

Step 3:

The birth of children will fundamentally change the entire way of life of the former. Even before birth, you should be prepared for some of the changes occurring in the body and psyche of the expectant mother. You have to keep it morally and physically to help. Sometimes women suffer hard first pregnancy, so be prepared to constantly visit her district clinic and counseling centers, to care and provide increased attention to the signs.

Step 4:

With the birth of the little man will make your life much richer household chores. You'll have to come home early to help care for a child, to sacrifice their evening meeting with friends over a beer at the bar. Unsubscribe from a football game. Maybe even have to reduce business trips.

Step 5:

Equally important is the financial side of the issue. All of these fashionable strollers, diapers and a variety of children's trinkets are worth a lot of money. Maybe even have to hire a first time assistant for child care, and this is an additional cost. Are you prepared to support a family, that's what you need to consider before such a responsible step.

Step 6:

If all these difficulties do not frighten, you think carefully about and are willing to take responsibility for the unborn child, then one night to create a romantic atmosphere and gently say, "Darling, I want us to have a child." And you will see how his eyes sparkled with happiness sweetheart. After all, she had long wanted to tell you the same thing. And when after some time you will be a child, he is the most happy, because it was conceived in the mutual desire.