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How to throw a good guy

Some relationships, even with the good guys end up parting for some not reasons beyond their control. More often than not you do not want to hurt the man who was for a long time with you, and lived a life.

How to throw a good guy

Instruction how to throw a good guy

Step 1:

First, you should understand yourself so that all down with girlfriends, friends, counselors. Stay alone with his thoughts and was finally decide for themselves whether or not to throw such a nice guy or not. Answer simple questions: whether it is a conscious decision and sincere, or is minute impulse, arising under the influence of desire for revenge; when exactly did you realize that you are not satisfied with the relationship; Do you broke up because one of you has changed. If the answers to the following questions you will have even the slightest allusion to maintain relations, it is worth a try.

Step 2:

If you definitely decided to leave, then you should be well prepared for a serious and difficult conversation. Isolate themselves for arguments that will operate at parting. Do not start a conversation with accusatory words, if at all when he is guilty. Relationship building usually two people, and if they do fall apart, then both are guilty. If you will be accused of breaking it, the guy may develop an inferiority complex, and besides, you're giving him false hope - if it changes, then your relationship is normalized again.

Step 3:

And now the most difficult thing - talking. Designate a meeting on neutral territory. Choose a location with which you will not be bound any memories. Explain why you decided to stop communicating, while thanking him for his pleasant and beautiful moments that you spent together. Do not reproach him anything - you have decided to end the relationship period. Make it nice and scandals.

Step 4:

Do not give hope for the resumption of relations. Perhaps he will call you to pursue writing heartbreaking text messages. You hard, like an iceberg in the ocean - no farewell meetings, kisses, and certainly no farewell sex. None of this does not become easier, but only aggravate the situation. It is better to chop off the ends than tear off small pieces of the heart.

Step 5:

If you respect and appreciate this man, it does not disappear from his life. everyone has the right to the last conversation. If you think that it will be easier and easier, you are greatly mistaken. Guy soul-will, and the causes of the gap will be looking only at ourselves. This is very much a self-assessment can strike the young man.

Step 6:

Disgusting way of parting - cheating with another guy, and do it so that he learned any of his friends. Yeah, maybe he will go away from you, but first think about the fact, whether you want to buy the reputation of frivolous girls windy, is not capable of serious and deep feelings?