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How to translate the friendship into love

It is believed that between a man and a woman can not be friendship, as time will certainly flare up passion. And if it happened that your friendships grew into love, you can try to put relations on a new level, achieving reciprocity.

How to translate the friendship into love

Instruction how to translate friendship in love

Step 1:

Consider whether you really liked. The fact that your feelings may prove to be nothing more than a hobby, and if you try to win your boyfriend or girlfriend, and then cool off, then return the old relationship of trust it will be too difficult.

Step 2:

Keep yourself in their hands and do not rush. You may want to do what friends do: get a kiss, a romantic evening, etc. Do not let yourself too much, because otherwise you can unpleasantly surprise even to push a loved one, set it against itself.

Step 3:

Think of everything you know about your loved one, and in particular about his relationship with the opposite sex. Friends often tell even about the most personal, so you should be able to easily figure out what is the ideal partner for your friend, what should be the loving relationship with his point of view, etc. Strive for excellence and do not leave attempts to draw the attention of your loved one.

Step 4:

Do what a pleasure to your friend. You probably know that he loves more than anything than interested, what dreams. Provide signs of attention, though, start with a small, but nice gifts. To present how they can be about, and for no reason.

Step 5:

Try to spend more time together. Walk to the cinema, cafes, theater, etc., walk, attend concerts, go in your shared interests. Try to ensure that your friend has got used to you, and in need in your community.

Step 6:

Do not be afraid to touch the beloved. The rights of others, you can afford hugged, take the hand, a pat on the shoulder. Add more intimate gestures: for example, you can pretend to take away from the face of the cilium, and under this pretext to hold your hand on the cheek of a loved one. Watch for his reaction.

Step 7:

Embark on a journey together in small. This can be a hike and visit the recreation center, hitchhiking trip, etc. The main thing that you were alone. Try to add a little romance. Finally, if you feel that your loved one is well with you, confess her love for him, or at least a hint of his feelings.