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How to understand the behavior of the girls

Some guys are faced with a problem that puts them in an impasse: how to understand the behavior of the girl, especially if she is very like a young man. There are signs by which one can guess whether a woman is experiencing an interest in a young man or he she does not care.

How to understand the behavior of the girls

Instruction how to understand the behavior of the girls

Step 1:

If a girl is something distinguishes you from a variety of other guys, if its behavior changes in your presence - a sure sign that you care about her. Note that this change can also be completely incomprehensible, illogical from the point of view of the stronger sex. For example, she suddenly laughed, though like anything particularly funny in her company did not say. Or, conversely, hesitated, she paused to answer the easiest question. This means that your appearance caused emotions, she agitated in her field of vision.

Step 2:

When a girl is talking to you, or just looking at you, as if by chance preens, for example, adjusts her hair, stroking the tip of the curl or passes it between his fingers, it means that you definitely her wondering. She wants to stand in front of you in the best possible way.

Step 3:

Also, the interest on her part to say this behavior: if a girl, for example, sitting at a table in the cafe, as if accidentally takes the pose, emphasizing all the advantages of the figure. For example, leaning back in his chair and puts his foot on the leg or turns sideways to you.

Step 4:

In conversation she almost always looks you in the eye? This is a good sign. Be sure that if you were indifferent to her, the more unpleasant, it would not do that! Well, if this view is still confusion, warmth, only to be extremely blunt or shy guy will not guess what it means!

Step 5:

If the girl's tense, set face, his lips trembling slightly, if it washed obviously somewhere far, far away, it is almost certain that something very upsetting. The guy should stretch the imagination and memory, trying to understand what is the reason, if he had not committed some faux pas, if offended girl. If so, it should be as soon as possible to make amends for his blunder. Otherwise, the business can reach a big quarrel.